Getting started

Step 1

Download a miner

First of all you'll need to download a mining program in order to allow your computer to mine BitcoinPrivate

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Step 2

Connect to a mining pool

Once you've chosen a miner you need to connect it to this mining pool.

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Step 3

Earn BitcoinPrivate

After you've connected to the mining pool simply sit back and watch the BitcoinPrivate getting mined.

Advanced options

BitcoinPrivate BitcoinPrivate Mining Pool stats

This Pool

Hash Rate: 5.81 KSol/s
Block Found:
Connected Miners: 7
Default Withdraw:
Total Pool Fee:

BitcoinPrivate Pool Network

Hash Rate: 9.58 MSol/s
Difficulty: 147309.6139388119
Blockchain Height: 289938
Pool Luck: