Getting started

To mine BitcoinPrivate you need a GPU, BitcoinPrivate account and miner.
If you need more information checkout this:
How to start mining
Server HostTCP (Low)TCP (High)SSL (Low)SSL (High)NiceHash






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Change your minimum payout:

You can change the minimum payout at the worker stats section by using your email in the miner configuration, below you will find examples of how it's done.

Enter your email appending it to your wallet addres using this format: wallet_address.WorkerName/email.

Architecture Downloads Operative System Source
Catalyst Windows BitcoinTalk

Example for start.bat:

ZecMiner64.exe -zpool -zwal b1PFuXX8AQA97NEVqoWsR77Y4JhuqtVs9ir.user/ -zpsw x -allpools 1
  EWBF Zec Miner Windows BitcoinTalk

Example for start.bat:

miner --server --user b1PFuXX8AQA97NEVqoWsR77Y4JhuqtVs9ir.rig_01/ --pass x --port 1906
  EWBF Zec Miner Linux BitcoinTalk

Example for start.bat:

./miner --server --user b1PFuXX8AQA97NEVqoWsR77Y4JhuqtVs9ir.rig_01/ --pass x --port 1906
sa-solver.linux64.v5 Linux Zcash Forum

Example for start.bat:

silentarmy --use 2,5 -c stratum+tcp:// -u b1PFuXX8AQA97NEVqoWsR77Y4JhuqtVs9ir.RIG_01/
  Nheq Miner Windows Github

Example for start.bat:

nheqminer -l -u b1PFuXX8AQA97NEVqoWsR77Y4JhuqtVs9ir.RIG_01/ -p x